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Image: London treasure hunting map.
Image: London treasure hunt at the London Eye.

London Treasure Hunts

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Visit London's hidden streets. Look up, down and around. Discover quirky and hidden London with the London treasure hunt.

Explore and Compete

no fixed route
so your treasure hunt is not just a procession.

fun and cryptic clues
so there is something for everyone

against the clock
adds an element of competition to your treasure hunt

paper based
For a traditional treasure hunt round London

For a 21st century treasure hunt via your smartphone

The infamous 'shopping list' and word game to keep everyone involved

fully managed
We take all the stress

Perfect to slot into a conference or other all day event to suit your timing

self-managed version
DIY treasure hunts come with full instructions and answers

Thank you on behalf of our whole team for what was a fantastic day! The team were really energised and loved it! We're all really looking forward to having a look back at the photos that were captured!

Please do pass on our thanks to Andy for facilitating! He did a fab job.

Next time we are planning a team day I shall be in touch!

Amy - John Lewis Communications

Team Building Using London Treasure/Scavenger Hunts

An astute manager knows that the best team building takes place in a relaxed atmosphere that is challenging. Team building should include creative thinking, planning, communication and a goal to gel teams. But finding an activity that fits the bill can be difficult.

A London treasure hunt is inclusive, motivational and challenging with a definite goal.

A London treasure hunt involves creative thinking, planning, communication and above all, teamwork.

So avoid the moaning and groaning when you announce your next team building day. Call it a corporate away day. Or call it a company fun day. Or whatever - your London based corporate treasure hunt is team building by stealth.

What's available?

  • Jack the Ripper treasure hunt - around the East End where the Ripper operated.
  • Camden Town and Camden Market - the spiritual home of music in London
  • Docklands, Canary Wharf - the East End again but with a different emphasis!
  • Westminster treasure hunt - see Westminster in a new light.
  • Treasure hunting by Tube - a lot of stairs and escalators as you keep coming up for air and clues!
  • London Taxi Cab treasure hunt - relax as you manoeuvre around the city in a taxi.
  • Treasure hunt Greenwich - brings a whole new meaning to Greenwich mean time ....
  • City Highlights treasure hunt - perfect for non-Londoners taking in some of London's main venues.
  • Kew smartphone treasure hunt - go green!
  • London Arty smartphone treasure hunt - fancy a bit of culture?

And those are just our prepared treasure hunts, we have produced and delivered many more bespoke treasure hunts for international visitors as well as companies with offices outside London or here in the capital.

London Corporate Treasure Hunts

Why a corporate treasure hunt in London?

London is an amazing place for a corporate events treasure hunt. Many places are just overlooked as people rush past and don't stop and look. Have you ever just stopped and lifted your eyes from street level and looked at the amazing architecture of the buildings or the little signs or found the strange stone faces of London?

The ever popular tourist attraction of Buckingham Palace has some seldom noticed interesting features and is not featured in most corporate events. However, your London Treasure Hunt can easily incorporate any London icon whether it be a statue, building or other feature. How many people have stood at the gates to the Palace and looked through but have you noticed the manufacturer of the locks on the gates or how many lions are seen on the stone pillars. On a corporate events treasure hunt in London, many new facets of the capital city will be revealed.

Even Fleet Street or Regent street with all the crowds has quaint attractions, look above the ground floor check out some of the passage ways leading off. Have you noticed the twinning men above the doorway or the entrance way with 222 Fleet street in marble.

London Tower is always very busy, and you will easily miss the cottage in the corner which has been there at least 200 years, the plaque with John Staples as Lord Mayor, as you head for Traitors Gate or the Middle Tower - so much to miss unless you are on our corporate treasure hunt in London.

The Docklands may be a new office work area regenerated from warehousing and slums but there are still old buildings to be found, traces of the past when it was a big dock for the East India company, importing many items from tea to ivory. Some places have been tastefully restored like the Dickens Inn, whereas others have gone and in their place are concrete and steel structures. Docklands is our most popular treasure hunt in London.

Then there is is Soho with a wealth of interesting streets and alleyways, some very old worldly pubs, and further along we come to the theatre land of Covent Garden with its theatres and markets and busy streets, can you find the office in which Dickens worked on a newspaper? There is the Mousetrap the longest running play ever plus many blue plaques of famous and infamous people and happenings.

Bank area is more than just suits and business people; stop and have a real look around from the statue of Reuters to the big banks buildings with golden figures, stone faces, dates on buildings and there is even an old water pump standing out on the pavement ... but how many people really notice what it is as they push past?

The London underground is a treasure of features from tiled stations to the cold steel look of the House of Parliament station.

Our corporate treasure hunts in London help your teams open their eyes, many a time people have remarked that they had not noticed something even though they walked that way everyday. What other corporate events can give you fresh air and fresh view of London?

We recently ran a smartphone treasure hunt as a corporate event for a theatreland group, the boss wanted to show his team that London had a lot more to offer than just theatre shows there were other places less well known from Chelsea Gardens to Soho square including the graffiti art underground.

Not only do London treasure hunt corporate events provide your team with a new look of London they are useful for teambuilding to get people to interact to talk and work together and at the same time have fun.

So make your event memorable for all the right reasons ...

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The benefits to your company will be felt in several directions. It enables:

  • development of communication, planning and creative thinking
  • you can mix your staff so that they get to know others from different departments thus ...
  • ... your employees to break down the barriers between departments
  • it affords the opportunity for management to interact with staff in a relaxed situation

During your treasure hunt, in London or elsewhere, you'll actively turn teamwork into results. Your teams will learn new techniques for reducing errors, increasing production and inspiring innovation. All done in a relaxing and enjoyable way, solving amazing, mind-boggling challenges - planning, communicating, navigating and problem solving. Unlike many London team building corporate events, everyone is involved all of the time, no standing around and waiting.

Why choose us for your London treasure hunt?

  • Because of our experience
  • Because we supply treasure hunts to other leading corporate events management companies such as Off Limits
  • Because of our innovative ideas
  • Because our hunts challenge as well as entertain

Choose a London treasure hunt as a corporate event when you ...

  • want to gel a new team
  • want to freshen up delegates at a conference/training event
  • want to close a deal by involving your clients and sales force
  • have an existing team struggling to overcome personality and style differences
  • want to reward your employees

So make your team building or London corporate event memorable for all the right reasons ...

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