Camden Town Treasure Hunts

Image: London treasure hunts map.

Camden Town and Camden Market

Named after Charles Pratt (Earl Camden) who granted leases for building houses on this part of his estate in the 1790s. Prior to that, the area that is now Camden Town had a couple of inns and was frequented by highwaymen so it was a bit dangerous. There was a gibbet near Camden Underground station where they were 'punished'. Within a short period of time, Camden became a popular place for music and shopping and remains so to this day. You can read a lot more about the development of Camden Town, the Camden music scene and Camden market, including witchcraft and the second world war at

London Camden Town and Camden Market Treasure Hunts

Trawling the net for ideas? We know how time consuming that is so we will keep it simple for you.

A Camden Town treasure hunt is a great corporate away day, brilliant team building or just totally good fun on a stag or hen weekend in London. It is easy to get to Camden by train to

There are many specific treasure hunts that we can do around the area, for example, a London Zoo smartphone treasure hunt is sure to delight a family with kids, or perhaps the Regent's Park and Hampstead Heath treasure hunt ...

Your treasure hunt is available in a self managed format (paper based or smartphone) or fully run by an experienced events manager.

Features and Benefits

paper based
For a traditional treasure hunt round London

For a 21st century treasure hunt via your smartphone

The infamous 'shopping list' and word game to keep everyone involved

fully managed
We take all the stress

Perfect to slot into a conference or other all day event to suit your timing

self-managed version
DIY treasure hunts come with full instructions and answers