Greenwich, London Treasure Hunts

Image: London treasure hunts map.

Greenwich, London

Greenwich has been settled since Bronze Age times, however, it is always associated with the maritime history of England. British ships always kept at least one timepiece on GMT to ensure that they could establish their longitude. The Greenwich Meridian was accepted as the worldwide reference in the year ... sorry, you need to wait for the clue to find out!

Team Building or Company Fun Day in London

Trawling the net for ideas? We know how hard that is so we will keep it simple for you.

A Greenwich treasure hunt is a great corporate away day, brilliant team building or just damn good fun as the ice breaker for the office party.

The treasure hunt is available in a self managed format or fully managed by an experienced events manager.

There are more clues than could possibly be answered in the time available. That means that the teams don't follow each other round a set route. And that means more fun because teams are not trying to hide the answers from each other.

The Greenwich treasure hunt is inclusive - there are a wide range of clues from easy to cryptic. The word game will provide something to keep everyone occupied in between collecting answers to the clues.

Photo tasks create much amusement for both the team and onlookers and give you a great record of the treasure hunt. And don't forget to get the shopping list items ...

So as you can see, it the Greenwich treasure hunt is pretty full-on meaning that you get great value for money.

So make your event memorable for all the right reasons ...

Features and Benefits

no fixed route
so your treasure hunt is not just a procession.

paper based
For a traditional treasure hunt round London or ...

For a 21st century treasure hunt via your smartphone

The infamous 'shopping list' and word game to keep everyone involved

fully managed
We take all the stress

self-managed version
DIY treasure hunts come with full instructions and answers

Perfect to slot into a conference or other all day event to suit your timing