Central London Smartphone Treasure Hunt

Image: London treasure hunts map.

London Arty Treasure Hunt

Our smartphone London arty event will take you from the west to the east of London visiting some lesser known places that will open your team's eyes to hidden gems from Soanne House to Physic Garden, Jewel Tower, Temple, to Hyde Park and Fleming's.

London Smartphone Treasure Hunts - The Arty One

Charge up your smartphones for the London 'Arty' treasure hunt!

As you already know, a treasure hunt is a great corporate away day, brilliant team building or just damn good fun on a stag or hen weekend in London. So if you are wondering how to motivate your team, reward your staff for a great year's work or to spice up your stag or hen do in London, look no further!

The London Arty treasure hunt is available in a self managed format for those on a low budget or fully managed. Either way, results are instant at the end of the hunt.

This event is designed with more clues than time available so teams will need to plan where they are going, maybe Hyde park is best as there are a lot of points to be had there, but then again ... You can skip clues but you cannot go back to them later so be careful about how many you miss out. Once all the clues from a location are answered or skipped, you cannot access the clues again during the hunt.

The treasure hunt is marked automatically as you answer the questions and your score will be revealed at the end of the hunt. All of the clues have hints just in case you struggle to answer them but use the hints sparingly as you get fewer marks.

Features and Benefits

no fixed route
so your treasure hunt is not just a procession.

For a 21st century treasure hunt via your smartphone

The infamous 'shopping list' and word game to keep everyone involved

fully managed
We take all the stress

self-managed version
DIY treasure hunts come with full instructions and answers

Perfect to slot into a conference or other all day event to suit your timing