The Slim Look

Excess weight has not always been an issue in every society. There have been many times in the history of mankind when looking overweight was a sign of wealth. There may still be a few cultures where this is true today, but people in most modern societies prefer the slim look. Keeping the body looking trim and fit is not always easy, but clothing can be very helpful.

Colours and patterns have long been an important part of modern clothing. Many designers work long hours to create a look that will stand out from the rest. For those in need of hiding a bit of extra weight, the available designs may help. Darker colours tend to help a person look thinner than they are. Patterns of stripes can also be a good disguise. For those with a need to distract the eyes of others from problem areas, colourful designs can be effective.

The slim look is not about losing weight or getting into shape. It is about covering up the parts of the body that are less than pleasant to modern viewers. For those with excess weight in the middle, the shirred look is just one more way to add texture while hiding a bulge.

All of the methods used by modern clothing can be good at hiding a moderate amount of weight gain. Unsightly areas may look more pleasant, or they can be ignored with a good distraction. This can help a person feel better about their body. They can look at their appearance to see that others may skip over unsightly areas, and that is what makes many clothing items desirable.